The Efflorescence Project is a space where Botanical Art, Botany and Environmental Communications converge, raising awareness of the splendour, fragility and necessity of plant life, with the aim to contributing to preventing their demise.

Plants are one of the most vital elements in our ecosystem. The Efflorescence project addresses the major threats to botany, through art education and communications.

The threats to plant life are only one area of environmental concern, however, it affects the biodiversity of the whole planet. Ecological systems that were once stable are now collapsing, plants and animal populations are rapidly declining, and species are becoming extinct faster than ever before. Due to deforestation, urbanisation, agriculture, flora species extinction, introduced species, and the mining use of fossil fuels. 

Whilst we are the primary cause of these environmental issues and the principal threat to species at risk of extinction. We also have the power to rectify some of the damage and save what remains.

Preservation of the current environment and of the species that rely on it 

will only be possible if we succeed in modifying our attitude towards the natural environment.

We have come to view our separateness from nature as a sign of progress and a mark of modern civilisation where the salvation of economic expansion and technological innovation are of central importance.

Plants and wildlife are not the only species affected by the degradation of the environment; humans are also living organisms who require, breathable air, drinkable water, and nutritious food. Plants are essential for all life on earth, plant diversity underpins all terrestrial ecosystems, and these provide the basic life-support systems on which all life depends.’ Preservation of biodiversity is fundamentally important to our survival.

Education, art and communications can play a vital role in building an understanding of the inherent dependency we have on the natural environment for health, economic growth and cultural development to foster respect and accountability nature.

The Efflorescence Project is committed to building a renewed relationship to nature through the beauty of Botanical Art and Communications.

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